As I slathered the 57th version of Heinz on the freshly grilled hamburguesas, I got to thinking…

Lycopene.  Wikipedia it.  It’s a very trendy antioxidant these days.  I wouldn’t be able to provide a description worthy of grey’s anatomy, but my laymen understanding boils down to this… it’s good for your balls.

And as I read the Lycopene blurb written on the back of the 57th version of said Heinz bottle, I couldn’t help but to imagine some marketing tagline copy that would really capture the imagination of Lycopene’s target market:

“Lycopene: your testicecles’ favorite antioxidant”

That’s the type of marketing copy that demands the consideration of the entire male consuming demographic, from prebuscent puberty to very viagara.

And that’s a huge market.  That’s also what she said.

Ketchup.  It’s whats for dinner.  And dessert.  And breakfast?

Think about it…

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Bk – it’s your friend jp. Drop me an email. Wanna see if u interested in something.

Jpc added these pithy words on Oct 03 08 at 10:07 am

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