I haven’t written something other than a business email in months, and I’ve come to realize it’s deteriorated my fragile grip on this language.  Frazzled it up.  You know why?  Because I don’t take out the time of day anymore to think up that sweet spot of a word like Frazzle.  There’s not much space for words like frazzle in the world of templated absolutelies and barely genuine excited-about-its.  So, I will write, again, but with a new directionlessness.

The whole music social media angle of freshbreakfasts’ dot com makes this bitch a bit intimidating to write in anymore.  And now that I’m surrounded by the web 2.0 world by way of work, well, that’s the last thing I need to write about anymore.

Also, I’ve sort of grown fond of Freshbreakfast as my default online identity.  So the dot com incarnation shall no longer sweat the tech, and instead sweat all about me me me me me me…..

Starting with my new favorite album of the moment — Dr. Dog, Easy Beat.  Here’s the album art:

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