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So it looks like, the music social-network Pepsi to’s Coke, will be launching a redesigned site this November, according to the CEO David Hyman’s MOG blog. Getting past superficial interface design issues, the most intriguing part of Hyman’s brief, off-the-cuff post is this titillating quote:

“…there will be new features that will blow your friggin socks off. access to full length tracks instead of sound samples will be available everywhere on mog. we built the best front end to music consumption. soon, you will actually be able to consume all the music. EVERYWHERE . your mog page widgets will be able to provide full length tracks instead of 30 second samples. you will be able to add these to playlists. your recommendations pages will actually kick ass with full length tracks that you can playlist.”(sic, italics added)

Count them, he said “full-length tracks” three times in a span of that paragraph. Hmm, from 30-second samples to full length track playlists. Sound familiar? It should. Imeem too was (and is) restricted to 30 second samples before signing the ad-rev share deals with majors Warner Music, and now, Sony BMG. And as I’ve outlined before in my previous post, the remaining two major label holdouts will soon follow to complete the major label grand slam.

Could this possibly mean that MOG will also follow suit with similar deals? It sure makes a lot of sense. After Imeem hacks through the precedent setting negotiations with the four majors, it would certainly make sense for MOG to sweep in and ink a similar deal, now that the majors are in the giving mood. Could this be the gold rush model for all the countless other music-based social networks?

MOG made a bit of news last March with the launch of MOG TV. Basically, MOG TV used it’s proprietary music recommendation system (based on MOG’s MP3 hard drive scanner) to base recommendations on YouTuve music videos to queue up in a client based app. By indexing and serving up personalized YouTube content, MOG stayed clear and free of the trademark Nazis.

In order to play full-length audio tracks, MOG really has these 3 precedents to follow:

1.) Ad-Rev share content deals, a la Imeem.
2.) Pay Royalties in the hopes that it spurs enough buys to generate affiliate fees to cover that Royalty, a la Maverick LaLa CEO Billl Nguyen dubbed it a “grand experiment”. Unfortunately, the experiment failed, and LaLa pulled the plug soon after making the announcement.
3.) Ignore trademarks altogether.

So really, unless MOG has come up with a new, experimental partnership model, it looks like #1 might be the solution behind the mystery here. In November, when this news is making the techarrazi rounds, remember where you got the exclusive. FBF, up, all day.

And personally, I really hope MOG pulls this off. Big up to imeem for knocking down the barriers, but as a music fan that actually cares about artists, I’m not trying to see an iTunes like monopoly on distribution, no matter how cute and cuddly imeem seems right now. Plus, I like how MOG unapologetically caters specifically to music fiends, demographic business interests be damned! Of course, I might just be saying all this as an appeasement effort for putting David Hyman’s plans on blast.

Please don’t hurt me, David. I like MOG. Really.

UPDATE:, a big time web tech blog, has given some credit love to FBF for this story.  Word em up, check out the story here.

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