I figure this Imeem worship of a blog should mention that another major, Sony-BMG, has agreed to take the Imeem ad-rev share dough in exchange for their catalogue. Two majors down, two more to go. And according to Forbes’ Louis Hau, who broke the news last Wednesday, it looks like imeem is close to completing the Grand Slam:

“Meanwhile, representatives for Vivendi’s Universal Music Group and EMI Group confirmed Wednesday that they are holding talks with imeem for possible content partnerships.”

When they get the Universal deal done (home of Def Jam, Roc-A-Fella, Interscope, Aftermath, Island, Geffen, A&M, etc) , I swear, I am going to stop downloading music all together. When and if Imeem makes an elegant mobile interface, the future of ad-rev supported music that I thought was so prophetic will be firmly entrenched in “why didn’t I think of that” hindsight. Well, I’ll tell you why. Because you haven’t read this. But even I didn’t think it’d happen this fast.

Looks like CEO Dalton Caldwell’s Kum-bah-ya approach is working just fine.

I still don’t understand why the press and the techarazzi aren’t making a bigger deal about this. It doesn’t help that the official press release was sent out on a Friday. But still, this is massively disruptive stuff going on — the kind of stuff that will so obviously make iTunes and any other download store obsolete, and soon too. And yet, the Sony-BMG deal, and even Louis Hau’s confirmation of a perfect grand slam, is treated as just another afterthought content deal of another desperate major. It’s not an experiment; it’s the model of the future, and imeem will be a household name brand for it. Watch, and remember I told you so.

By the way, you can now listen to UGK’s recent self-titled Underground Kingz album on Imeem, who are signed to Jive Records. An imprint of, yeah you guessed it, Sony-BMG. A real good, grimy, country-grits rap album that represents the best of Southern Hip Hop, which kind of got lost in all the ridiculous 50 Cent – Kayne hoopla. Anyhow, that album happened to house my favorite rap tune of this past summer, International Player’s Anthem, featuring the crown jewel of Andre 3000’s recent brilliant run of guest spots. Listen to Andre’s opening verse, absolute poetry and marital optimism and singing birds introducing a trio of pimp-themed verses, that somehow all comes together under the soulful samplings of Willie Hutch:

Just so I can do my part speeding up the ad-rev future, I’ll be working on a aesthetically pleasing directory of Sony BMG and Warner artists’ discographies featured in full length on imeem. Keep an eye out for that right here on FreshBreakfast.

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